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Meet Jennifer

I choose Smarteys because they help me quickly understand my money. Once I saw my estimated real life in one place, I better negotiated my job offer after school.

Meet Brandon

Knowledge is power. Classes are great, but what about real life? Smarteys Advice gives me useful and practical tips that I use right now to make life after college a success.

Meet Melissa

I love deals and as a Smarteys member I have perks for services that make real life easy. From utility discounts to credit monitoring, my whole life is covered.

Estimate Your Lifestyle

Estimate Your Lifestyle

Find out how much your student loan payment will eat into your beer budget! Or better yet, plan so that it won't. We'll show you how.

Thing to Know

Things to Know

Financial tips from money expert Charisse Conanan and others. Find out their secrets, plus the things they wish they did, what's smart, and how not to make stupid mistakes.

Free Money

Free Money

Recommendations and perks for services that will benefit you now and after graduation, We'll help you save money and make smart choices to set you up for life.